“[T]he culture of Christianity has gone in the Britain of the new millennium. Britain is showing the world how religion as we have known it can die.”

Callum G. Brown

  • Wales is the most secular nation in the United Kingdom with 78% of the population either un-churched or de-churched.
  • Although there are a number of traditional churches in the town, members feel ill-equipped to reach the local community. As a result, at least half of these remaining churches are on the brink of closure.
  • As for those who live locally, most have never heard the gospel of Christ and church simply conjures up ideas of old-fashioned religion that’s irrelevant and ineffective. Unfortunately, this is a common picture throughout much of Wales. Most months a newly-closed church building arrives on the market for sale. With building developers buying up closed church buildings and turning them into gyms, restaurants or homes, churches in Wales are indeed facing a huge challenge for survival.

According to the Office of National Statistics, there has been a sharp increase of those professing “no religion”, from 14.8 to 25.1%, a striking move away from Christianity towards unbelief. That’s one quarter of the English and Welsh population who claim to have no religion, with the highest proportion in Wales.

With secularists claiming that Christianity in Britain is close to extinction, official statistics showing an increase of population claiming “no religion”, a drop in people reporting to be Christian, and significant numbers of churches closing, the demise of Christianity in Britain is inevitable.

But is Brown’s view an accurate one? Although it is true that organized religion, especially within the larger denominations, has suffered the biggest loss in terms of attendance and church closures, that is not the entire picture of church life and existence in the UK. That the church has declined beyond rejuvenation is a mistaken view. According to Church Growth Consultant, Bob Jackson, shoots of new life are breaking through the hardened ground of secularisation in many areas of Britain today. Christianity is not necessarily on an irreversible slide to extinction as secularists such as Callum G. Brown claim, as signs of resurrection can be found in surprising areas.

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