Liz Linssen – Disciple-makers: The Keys to Growth

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Make a difference, make a small group


In a quote by Andy Stanley from his book, Creating Community, he explains what God has called the church, you and I, to be about: creating environments where authentic community can take place. Building relational, transforming communities where people are experiencing oneness with God and oneness with one another. Creating communities that are so satisfying […]

Multiplication through Mentoring


Jesus ministered to many, but he focused on a few. Paul. Timothy, and Silas ministered to many but they, too, focused on a few. Why did Jesus and his disciples narrow their attention to small groups of people? Why this strategy? They understood the secret of living forward — spiritual multiplication through intentionally influencing a […]

Recovering the Great Commission


As the interviews in the video show, there’s a lot of confusion these days over what discipleship is. This is what we will focus on in this third session. In Matthew 28:18-20, Jesus Christ, just prior to His ascension, entrusted His church with what became known as the Great Commission: Then Jesus came to them […]

Healthy Disciples, Healthy Churches


Would an investment in people’s spiritual growth have the power to reverse declining Christianity and churches? American theologian, Dallas Willard, seems to think so. For him, the crux of the matter lies at what is going on inside the Church, in the spiritual lives of its members. He believes that most problems in contemporary Western […]

Slow Death of Christianity in Wales?


“[T]he culture of Christianity has gone in the Britain of the new millennium. Britain is showing the world how religion as we have known it can die.” Callum G. Brown Wales is the most secular nation in the United Kingdom with 78% of the population either un-churched or de-churched. Although there are a number of […]